Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have realized in the past couple weeks how little time I have to keep up a blog. I guess being sick in bed does have its advantages in this case then. So, just a little update: still no word from the MDT department; none of us are planning to hear from them for at least a few more weeks, so we are all still hoping for the best. Volleyball is going well. Ive been working consistantly and bringing in the money that I need to keep me from starving, ha. I actually worked late last night instead of going to an audition for a summer theater up in Jackson Hole. It would have been a great opportunity with great financial benefits, but there are still plenty of other options for summer work. I am auditioning for Scera's summer production of Once Upon a Mattress this coming weekend. Hopefully I will be in full voice by then, right now everything is still fuzzy and stuffy and gross, ha. If anyone has any insight on how to cure a cold quickly, PLEASE let me know!!

With love, and a lot of cough drops, :)


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