Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Start at the Beginning

Hey everyone! I decided to start a blog, not only to keep everyone updated, but also to uplift everyone who chooses to follow me in my travels. I will be posting words of encouragement, gospel articles, and personal experiences that I feel will benifit you on my website. Since I am still fairly new to all of this, I would love any insight that you would like to give me. Let me know what you want to hear; tell me about things that you would like me to write about in future articles. I hope that, with your input, I will be able to give you that little splash of technicolor that will brighten your day. Until then, much love you all. :)

These are the words of,

Your Traveling Gypsy:)


  1. Dear Traveling Gypsy,
    Have you ever thought of Traveling to see your friend Tiauna's Blog to see her, that could be pretty cool, also Spoon Me please, and other things like that. I miss you bumflakes, and hope you are well!
    Your dear friend,
    Tiauna Elise Beckes