Friday, June 10, 2011

after a long time....

I have officially made a summer goal to be an expert blogger by the start of fall semester. So much has happened since I last entered and I have no documentation of any of it. So, the endeavor towards perfect blogging begins now....

It is officially summer!! I could not be more ecstatic! The weather has been so lovely lately. I have been loving every day that I can take off my shoes and just walk, for how ever long I feel like going. Although nothing drastically awesome has happened since summer's arrival, I feel like this is going to be a summer full of good times.

As far as school goes, some things have changed. After much prayer and long, hard deliberation, I finally decided to change my major. In the beginning, there was nothing I wanted more than to be a Music Dance Theater major at BYU. I had worked so hard and had finally gotten to the point where that dream was becoming reality. The more time that passed, however, I found myself in a position, looking onto something that was unfamiliar to me. As much as I wanted this, there were so many things that came along with it that I did not want; the overall atmosphere, the social attitude, the wavered focus. I saw myself continuing on this path for the next four years, and I did not like what I saw at the end of the road.

So, I have since moved on to declare myself a Theater Art Studies major. I could not be more happy and at ease with my decision.I feel I will be able to get the education and experience that I desire to help me reach my personal and professional goals. Looking back on the long time I spent in such uncertainty and pressure, I can see so clearly now that the Lord was simply testing my faith. It is amazing how he knows just how far to push our limits to let us grow, and then reaches out his hand to comfort us and place the solution right in front of our path. It is life lessons like these that remind me how fortunate I am to have the gospel knowledge that I do.

Things have since taken shape with a professional path as well. Since the start of the summer I have been working as a teacher at a local daycare center. I love every minute that I spend with those children. Once again, the Lord has given me a wonderful challenge to better myself and to teach others. I could not be more grateful for the blessings that I have received.

Its been quite a few months now, but I also finally bought a car!! It is the most perfect thing for me that I could have ever found. I absolutely love it! Her name is penny. Yes as in Penny Lane; yes as in The Beatles. haha. I just had to. Even though she's a German car, she's got European class written all over her. ha:)

Well, that's whats been happenin, in a nutshell of course. ha. More to be posted soon! You'll see all my thoughts and interests in regards to life, love, fashion, the works, ha, as time goes on; more often now than, well, not. ha.

In the mean time, I send my love and best wishes to all of you. May you continue to work hard and achieve happiness. Never ever lose sight of what is truly important.:)

These are the words of a paper doll. Smile. Always:)


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