Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Never Take Anything for Granted

-These were the last words that my grandfather had for me before he passed away on Christmas morning. The words hit me like a semi-truck as I stood there, holding his hand, trying to make out what he was saying through his shortness of breath. The whole experience was a blur. The events of the past few weeks have yet to really sink in through all of the chaos. The only thing I can really make sense of is the very last thing that he said to me-"Don't take anything for granted."
How is it that we go through each day, taking in fresh air, walking with two feet, laughing and living as we do, without stopping to comprehend the glory and wonder of each little blessing in our lives? This is a question that I know I will never be able to answer, mainly because these little blessings are ones that I too often take for granted. With the many misfortunes and disappointments that we face in life, we tend to overlook the things that are truly important. It took a very large wake up call for me to realize how truly blessed I am. I will never forget my grandfather and the love that he had for things that, to me, appeared to be small and meaningless. He was the kind of person that could make something wonderful out of nothing special.
Among my many new years resolutions, my most important resolve is to take in the simple joys of life and appreciate them for the blessings that they are. For those of you who are experiencing trial or hardship: look around. Feel the air that fills your chest, soak in the beauty of God's creations, embrace the people who are dear to you, live each day like its your last. Life is hard, yes, but it is a blessing in and of itself. I hope we never fail to realize how fortunate we truly are. My dear friends, never take anything for granted.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift; that is why they call it the present."

I love you all so very much.

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Manda Brie:)

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